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Veneers - Whitehouse Dental

Veneers – Whitehouse Dental

Reasons to be cheerful with dental veneers Richmond

With a modern bridge, crown or veneer, you’ve every good reason to be cheerful, because the technology to leave no gap in your perfect smile is now better than ever.

A bridge simply fills in the space left by a missing tooth by using teeth on either side as support. An ‘adhesive bridge’ is glued onto adjacent teeth, whilst, for maximum strength, a ‘fixed bridge’ is affixed to specially prepared crowns on adjoining teeth.

Veneers are used to cover stained teeth and correct the appearance of breaks and crooked teeth with a minimum of work. Often called porcelain laminates, veneers are custom-made, durable mouldings that are applied to the front and side surfaces of your teeth to give you your ‘best ever’ smile.

A crown is a complete cover for the remains of a broken tooth made from porcelain, gold, gold-covered in porcelain or modern materials such as Cerec. The modern crown is generally a cosmetically perfect way to consolidate tooth remains after root canal treatment, or a large filling that is becoming untenable.

Veneers & Bridges - Whitehouse Dental

Our tooth enamel is one of the strongest tissues in our bodies, but it can still be damaged by a number of everyday items and bad habits which can cause breaks and chips in our teeth’s structure. Also, teeth with decay beneath the service are more susceptible to breaks due to a weakened internal structure. Let’s take a look at some of the most common source of chips and breaks: • The chewing of hard food items such as nuts, ice or boiled sweets. • Improper use of your teeth, such as opening bottles. • Unexpectedly biting down on something hard, such as an olive stone. • Receiving a knock to the face, common for contact sport players.
A veneer in its official dentistry definition is a “thin piece of porcelain, that is used to re-create the natural look of teeth, while ensuring strength and resilience is provided of equal measure to natural tooth enamel.” Here at White House Dental, we specialise in the detailed bespoke custom making and fitting of veneers, matching them to the rest of your teeth’s colouring and fitting them with exquisite precision, to the front surface of your teeth. Our team are also experts in fitting bridges and crowns to improve the overall appearance of your smile with a completely natural looking solution.
At your first appointment, we’ll clean your teeth and determine the correct shade and size of your veneer taking precise measurements, as well as contouring the tooth slightly if required by removing a very small amount of your tooth enamel. From here we shall make an impression of your tooth which we will use to custom craft your veneer. To protect your tooth during the gap between your first and second visit, we’ll fit temporary veneers. Once we’ve created your custom veneers, we’ll arrange your second appointment so that the temporary veneer can be removed, the tooth cleaned, and the area is then prepared before the adhesive, cement and veneers are fitted precisely. Once fitted and cured, we will polish and clean your veneers, making sure they give your smile that beautiful gleam you were looking for.
As we mention above veneers provide a simple, quick, and effective solution for a range of general and cosmetic dentistry requirements, with the ability to custom make your veneers so we can match the colour and shape of your other teeth, providing a natural look, and making veneers the perfect solution for those with heavy staining of their teeth. Staining of our teeth occurs naturally over time, though is often sped up through the consumption of high staining food and drink, such as coffee and red wine. Here veneers can be used to hide the discolouration of our teeth, and due to the stain-resistant resin used to coat veneers, it is unlikely that drinking and eating some of your favourite snacks will stain your veneers, however, if you damage the resin coat, you can leave the veneers susceptible to potential staining.

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