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How Can Your Dentist Help With Snoring?

Snoring can affect anyone of any age, and it is estimated that about one in four adults in the UK snore during the night.

You may not be aware that you snore, but your partner will be. Short-term, it can lead to poor quality of sleep and headaches, which can turn into further, more serious health concerns if left untreated.

Having a restless and disturbed sleep can make you feel tired and irritable during the day, affecting your social, professional, and romantic relationships. Due to the lack of oxygen intake when you snore, your energy levels will be low, reducing your concentration levels.

Another sign of snoring is if you grind your teeth (bruxism). This is because your body may try to increase the intake of oxygen by initiating grinding or clenching to try to push the jaw forward.

Did you know your dentist in Richmond can treat your snoring? Here’s everything you need to know.

What causes snoring?

There are muscles in your nose, mouth and throat that keep your airways open when you are awake. But when you are asleep these muscles relax and can cause your airways to narrow. When air passes through, it causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate, resulting in a snore.

How can your dentist in Richmond help?

Here at The Whitehouse Dental, we have a snoring specialist – Dr Chris – who has over 15 years of experience treating patients who snore and grind their teeth.

After your assessment, a personalised treatment plan will be made for you. This may include a snoring appliance which will be custom-made to fit your exact teeth and gum measurements for maximum comfort and effect. This is done by taking a high-resolution 3D scan of your teeth, which is then sent to our dental lab, where your specialised snoring device will be made.

A snoring appliance helps to keep your airway open during sleep. It opens the back of your throat by helping your lower jaw and tongue to sit more forward. It also helps to combat the effect of tooth wear caused by grinding your teeth.

Here at The Whitehouse Dental, we use the SleepWell snoring device because it is the most clinically successful and advanced model on the market. It is also considered the most patient-friendly due to its high levels of patient comfort. The SleepWell has some unique features that increase patient comfort, including a soft inner lining, flexibility for side-to-side movement and complete customisation for your individual needs to maximize effectiveness.

With the right care, your snoring device can last for years, with just occasional readjustments to maintain the fit.

We recommend you visit our dentists in Richmond as soon as you’re made aware of your snoring, so it can be treated quickly.

If you or your partner suffers from snoring, contact Whitehouse Dental to discuss available treatment.

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