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At The Whitehouse Dental Clinic, we know how important trust is when choosing your family’s dentist. That’s why our first goal, from the moment you walk in the door, is to earn that feeling of trust. We believe the absolute best dentistry we can provide will only take place when we’re all working together toward the common goals of healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile for you and your family.

We know that patients of any age can have different levels of apprehension about visiting the dentist, and the most important thing we can do first is to listen to you. At The Whitehouse Dental Clinic, you are not merely a chart, a set of teeth, or “the next patient.” Whether you or your loved ones are concerned about pain, have had a past dental experience that has been traumatic, or are simply ashamed of your own perceived dental shortcomings, we will treat you with compassion and understanding.

During our first visit together we want to know what YOU want from us. We will spend enough time together for a full assessment of your dental health and we will show you our findings with photographs taken of your mouth. We will then sit down and work out a treatment plan taking into account your needs and budget.

Please call our Richmond dental practice directly or click to book a look with a simple, free, no-obligation chance to meet the staff, see the clinic and get a feeling of who we are, how we work and how we can help you.

We are proud to offer our private friendly dental service in Richmond and beyond.

Here at Whitehouse Dental Richmond, we’re passionate about creating positive experiences for our patients, and this can start from as young as a few months old! Some of our patients bring their children to see us when they get their first tooth, which is a perfect opportunity for us to put your little one at ease and make them feel comfortable and confident. We often find that the patients who have been coming to the dentist from a very early age find the experience much less scary or traumatic when compared to patients who rarely visit. If you’re thinking of bringing your child in to see us, why not get in touch? We’d love to chat through the options to ensure you’re comfortable.
Absolutely! We fully understand and appreciate that every mouth is unique, and we expect that families will all have different needs and goals when they come to us. To make sure we’re versatile, we offer a full range of dental services to our patients, so whether it's braces, teeth whitening, veneers or implants – our dentist Richmond can help. If you or a family member is concerned about any aspect of their oral health, get in touch with us and we will work out the best next steps for you.
There are so many great things about seeing a family dentist, not least the fact that you can ensure your children’s oral health needs are being met in a trusted environment. For many of the families who come to us, the ability to commute together and arrange appointments on the same day as each other means that their general day-to-day is miles more convenient. If you or a family member would like to come and take a look around our dental clinic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
All of them! There are many benefits to opting for a family dentist, and the great news is that you and all of your family can get access to the same wealth of treatments and experiences. Here at Whitehouse Dental Richmond, we offer a range of treatments as part of our family dentistry, including:
  • Smile makeovers
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign
  • Veneers
  • Facial aesthetics
  • And much more!
If you’d like to find out more about our entire range of treatments, give us a call.

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