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Bioclear Richmond

Looking for a way to fix those pesky black triangles between your teeth?

Bioclear is a minimally invasive treatment that helps restore teeth in a natural and durable way.

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What is the Bioclear method?

Bioclear is an advanced dental treatment offered by only a limited number of dentists in the UK, including all of our team here at The Whitehouse Dental Clinic.

Before any gaps are filled, the layer of bacteria that sits on the teeth (biofilm) is removed to help the composite stick.

Then, clear forms filled with a heated composite are placed just below the gum line to create a smooth and even look to the teeth. The result? A healthy and youthful-looking smile that feels just like your own.

Why choose Bioclear?

Bioclear is known for being speedy to complete. Nearly every patient leaves with a new smile on the same day – no need to wait around to achieve your teeth goals!

Due to the durability it creates, Bioclear is highly reliable. However, on the rare occasion it does get damaged, chipped or broken, it can be easily touched up.

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Do I need Bioclear?

Bioclear is not for everyone.

But it’s a great way to fix minor dental imperfections, like gaps that look like black triangles near the gums, slight separation between the edges of the teeth (diastema closure), or uneven or broken teeth.

The best way to learn if you’ll benefit from Bioclear treatment is by booking a consultation at Whitehouse Dental. Here we’ll assess your teeth and gums to determine your eligibility.

Bioclear Richmond - White House Dental

Bioclear in Richmond with Whitehouse Dental

Does Bioclear sound like a treatment that could benefit you?

Contact the experts here at Whitehouse Dental today!

Our clinical director, Dr Jason Burns, will talk you through the whole process as well as assess your suitability for the procedure.

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