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Migraine Headaches? Talk to your dentist

A poorly aligned bite, something your dentist calls a malocclusion, is a condition that can cause a myriad of problems, like migraine headaches, jaw pain, clicking jaw, restricted mouth opening, grinding teeth, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain, even tingling in your fingertips.

It can happen after the premature loss of certain teeth or complications arising from wearing a brace. In most instances, a bad bite will lead to facial muscle spasm that can cause you chronic pain or else the spasm will cause tooth grinding leading to premature tooth wear, frequent tooth breakages or lost fillings

The reassuring news is that there is a cure for most symptoms arising from a malocclusion – a discipline in which Dr Jason Burns of The Whitehouse Dental Clinic has expertise.

Dr Jason Burns has worked with acknowledged world luminaries in this field, his interest stemming from his work as a cosmetic dentist. It has long been determined that understanding the bite is critical to the effectiveness and long term success of modern cosmetic procedures.

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