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Nothing is more important as a genuine heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more confident, as well as make the right impression!

Orthodontics is a dental speciality concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of facial irregularities such as crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth.

Thanks to new developments in orthodontic technology, being self-conscious about your smile can become a thing of the past. By using the latest clear brackets and wires, enables you to achieve straight teeth in as little as 4 months and you’ll be smiling more than ever.

Orthodontics treatment is specifically designed and planned with your needs in mind and we are experienced in Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles® and the Inman Aligner™, all of which can straighten teeth in as little as 4 months, at a fraction of the normal cost of braces. Therefore if you’ve ever thought about improving your smile, no matter what age, orthodontics may be for you!

invisible-bracesWe have perfect solutions for the Ugly Betty syndrome, being one of only a few UK dentists to be trained on the extraordinary quick-fix orthodontics including the Inman Aligner™ brace, impressive Invisalign® system – which has been incredibly effective in giving hundreds of thousands of people amazing new smiles, and the revolutionary 6 Month Smiles adult cosmetic braces.

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Why Choose our systems rather than traditional fixed braces?

    1. We achieve significant improvements in your smile.
    2. All braces are clear and very aesthetic.
    3. It is very fast (4-6 months as opposed to 2 ½ years with conventional orthodontics).
    4. Less costly than traditional orthodontics.

With these systems, we can treat a wide variety of orthodontic complaints, including:

      • Crowding – teeth are too close together
      • Spacing – gaps between teeth
      • Overbite – teeth overlap too much
      • Overjet – front teeth stick out
      • Underbite – lower teeth stick out
      • Crossbite – teeth bite on the wrong side of each other
      • Openbite – your teeth do not meet when you bite
      • Misplaced midline – centre lines of upper and lower teeth don’t align

Advantages over Traditional Orthodontics

      • The wires are discreet, being small and tooth-coloured.
      • Treatment time is reduced by up to 75%.
      • Discomfort is kept to a minimum, as the teeth are gently repositioned.
      • Cost is around half that of traditional braces

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