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Invisalign Invisible Braces – Teeth Straightening Richmond

Invisalign Provider - Whitehouse Dental

Invisalign Provider – Whitehouse Dental

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an Invisalign Dream Smile?

Dr Jason plans and designs your Invisalign Invisible braces with your needs in mind. We are hugely experienced in Invisalign® and the Inman Aligner™. We have provided  Invisalign teeth straightening for over 20 years and were one of the pioneer users of the Inman Aligner in the UK

Why Choose Us for Invisalign Invisible Braces?

In a word, experience. We plan our cases with InvisibleTx, this ensures your Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is the speediest and most accurate available.

Invisalign® and the Inman Aligner™ can straighten your teeth in as little as 4 months, at a fraction of the normal cost of braces. Therefore if you’ve ever thought about improving your smile, no matter what age, adult clear braces may be for you!

invisalign kew teeth straightening kew

Invisalign teeth straightening – What do we do?

Step 1

teeth straightening kew

We will take you through the Invisalign Case Assessment, which is a simple set of photos to determine whether you are suitable for Invisalign dental treatment and teeth alignment.

Step 2

Invisalign Kew

If Invisalign braces are right for you, we’ll take photos, X-rays and digital scans of your teeth. Then we’ll create you a digital treatment plan, using our state of the art technology, showing you what your results could look like via a 3D video. You will see how the invisible orthodontic braces will change your smile before you start treatment.

Step 3

invisalign richmond

We’ll give you a series of clear aligners to wear every day and change at home – on average every 1-2 weeks (as directed by your Dentist). You can comfortably wear your Invisalign Aligners for 22 hours a day (the recommended daily wear). And because they’re removable, it’s easy to maintain your normal oral hygiene routine and enjoy your usual diet.

Step 4

teeth starightening in richmond

We’ll invite you back to the practice around every 4-6 weeks to monitor progress and hand over your new Invisalign aligners. At the end of your treatment, you will need to wear your Invisalign dental retainers to maintain your new smile.

Teeth straightening richmond Invisalign Richmond

What is holding you back from Invisalign teeth straightening?

I’m worried Invisalign teeth straightening are too expensive

We can provide and fit Adult braces from only £2500, depending on the number of teeth being aligned. So you don’t have to spend many thousands of pounds aligning all your teeth. We call it “Social Six Orthodontics”

I’m worried that wearing adult braces will make me look silly.

Braces are not invisible, but Invisalign is clear. This means you can wear them at work and during meetings and telephone calls and you can remove them if necessary. Teeth Straightening is not like it used to be.

Can I straighten my own teeth?

Please do not try any home remedies. There is a serious risk of losing your teeth. We are trained to establish how to move teeth safely and give you a beautiful smile

I have seen so many adverts and different types of Clear Braces out there. What are the options for teeth straightening?

Some patients can have many different types of braces, other patients are not suitable. This means we need to provide a consultation to be advised which brace is best and all of the options will be discussed with you before you make a choice.

I won’t be able to afford  Invisalign Invisible Braces

You can pay for your treatment can be made by finance, so the payments can be spread over time to suit your budget. Terms and Conditions apply.

Dental Impressions makes me gag

We have an Itero scanner so no more gagging impressions. We then can make your custom braces from the scan.

But my teeth look so yellow as well

With Invisalign teeth straightening, we offer free teeth whitening and so you get a dazzling white smile with your straight teeth. A complete smile makeover!

There are so many adverts now for teeth straightening, how do I make my decision?

We have been providing Invisalign for over 20 years and Dr Jason was one of the first dentists in the Uk to be trained to use the Inman Aligner, so you are in safe hands.

I don’t want the treatment to go on for years, I want Fast Braces

If you are suitable, we can complete your treatment  in as little as 10 weeks, so it doesn’t need to go on for years

Can I get Invisalign teeth straightening on the NHS?

Unfortunately not, however, there are circumstances that you can get NHS braces as an adult. It usually goes hand in hand with face/jaw surgery and will require a referral to the hospital. We are happy yo refer you to an NHS orthodontist if we think your problems will qualify


Invisalign teeth straightening

  • Dentist supported treatment
  • Support if there are issues mid-treatment
  • Free teeth reshaping.
  • Braces fitted by a dentist
  • We do not deliver our aligners to you through the post!
  • Quality & fit check is done by us in surgery
  • No impressions required
  • Discrete & nearly invisible
  • Quick
  • Removable
  • No extractions required
  • Single arch or both
  • The treatment takes 10 to 36 weeks approx.
  • Free consultation & smile outcome scan
  • Free whitening
  • Complimentary bonding
  • Finance options available T&Cs
  • We are Not “Braces Direct”

All of our Treatments are fully monitored & supported by a dentist

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