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What is Bioclear?

Everyone wants a great looking smile, but very few of us were born with perfect teeth. What if you could have that elusive dream smile quickly, easily, and affordable? You can! Bioclear® makes it possible.

Bioclear® is a non-invasive, cosmetic treatment that enhances smiles. Dr.Burns uses this revolutionary treatment to fill in black triangles left by gum recession or bone loss or as an alternative to a dental crown to repair a damaged tooth.

Many patients have never heard of Bioclear® and they have questions about this treatment. Click HERE for some FAQ

Before vs After Bioclear Procedure - Whitehouse Dental

Dental Black Triangles can be a problem cosmetically and they can also pack food. We are an Official Bioclear certified clinic that has the expertise in dealing with this and all forms of cosmetic dentistry

Dr Burns is one of the limited number of UK dentists that have been fully trained and accredited by the Bioclear Institute

If you feel your smile is lacking due to gaps between your teeth and the gumline, Bioclear could be the perfect solution. Offering permanent results, Bioclear UK restores teeth where gum recession has taken place, revealing small black gaps between teeth. It can also be used to make teeth appear straighter or even repair chipped teeth.
Bioclear works by applying tooth-shaped matrices around each tooth, acting as a funnel for the tooth-coloured composite which is slowly syringed into place. We then shape each tooth to the desired aesthetic, before polishing it for a shiny bright smile.
There are so many cosmetic dentistry options out there, so why choose Bioclear? Well, the truth is that this revolutionary procedure is fast becoming a go-to option, thanks to its variety of benefits, which include:
  • Speed – you can usually achieve your desired results in one sitting
  • Durability – Bioclear is incredibly durable and stronger than many other alternatives
  • Affordable – it’s also a cheaper option for those looking to enhance their smile
  • Repairable – unlike some types of veneers, which are hard to touch up if they become damaged, chips and breaks are easier to fix with Bioclear
  • Stain-resistant – Bioclear is a stain-resistant material, which means you can benefit from a whiter smile for longer.
If Bioclear sounds like a good solution for you, be sure to get in touch with our team on 020 8940 3444.
Any cosmetic dentistry is an investment, so you want to know that the treatment you opt for will stand the test of time. The good news is that thanks to the durability of the composite material used in Bioclear, it can last for many years, even up to a decade or more with good maintenance. Keeping to your routine appointments and upholding an excellent oral health routine will help to ensure your Bioclear treatment lasts for as long as possible, but if you do experience any breaks, you can contact us. Most small issues can be repaired with this type of cosmetic dentistry, and we will always work hard to leave you feeling happy with your smile.

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