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Is someone keeping you awake all night? Learn about our snoring appliances

12th July 2023

Snoring Appliances - White House Dental Clinic


Simple snoring is the noise resulting from partial closure of the airway during sleep. It is estimated that over 45% of the population snore, leading to disrupted sleep for the sufferer and their bed partner. At The Whitehouse Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer Sleepwell snoring appliances as a treatment option for those who are looking for help with snoring.

Sleepwell is our gold-standard device and is one of the most clinically proven and successful treatments for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

The Sleepwell is an individual custom-made device that works by opening the nasal passage, and positioning the jaw forward so that air can naturally pass through without disturbing your sleep or causing you to snore.

To find out more about Sleepwell and how we can help please contact us on 020 89403444 or contact us via the link below and we will be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr Chris Papoutsi.

Chris has over 16 years of experience treating patients who suffer from snoring and will be able to tailor the treatment to your needs.

*Limited time offer expires 31st August 2023. Terms & Conditions apply.
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