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imogenMiss Imogen Wood


GDC Number: 211809

Having graduated from University of Manchester in 2011, where I studied my degree in Oral Health Science, I moved to Oxford where I was offered a place on the Foundation Therapist Scheme. I continued to work in Oxford as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist for a further 3 years in general dental practices.

Along side my work in general practice I took a job at the Oxford University Hospitals John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospital where I still practice as one of only 2 Macmillan Dental Therapists in the country. My position at the hospital is to provide oral health care, prevention and restorative care for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer of the head and neck. My time with the cancer team has taught me a huge amount and I continue to learn every day I work in the department.
I have recently begun speaking at some regional conferences about dental care for patients undergoing radiotherapy which is a great privilege and a new challenge.

I am really enjoying everything London has to offer since my relocation and feel I have fallen on my feet with my job here at WHD. It is fantastic to work in a practice which is so prevention focused and that offers such high standard of care across the board.

In my spare time I love to travel. I am a keen sailor, weather permitting, and I try to go home to Cornwall for some sea air and to visit my family whenever possible.

HardipHardip Dhillon

Dental Hygienist/Dental Therapist, RDH/RDT

GDC Number: 114438

I began my dental career in 2007 after I graduated from Cardiff Dental School as a Dental Hygienist/ Therapist.

Since then I have worked in a variety of private practices. I am passionate about educating patients to prevent gum disease, decay and other dental issues. My gentle approach helps put my patients at ease and gain their confidence.
I am pleased to be working at Whitehouse Dental Clinic with a team who are passionate about patient care and prevention.

Outside of work I am thoroughly enjoying being mum to my baby boy Aarav. I love to travel, walking and exploring.

lauraLaura Fullerton

Dental Hygienist/Dental Therapist, BOH (Uq)

GDC Number: 271028

Originally from a rural farm in outback Australia, I graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from University of Queensland, Australia in 2011. My desire to travel led me to Sydney where I worked in three separate practices in both public and private disciplines. In Sydney I trained in a local cultural awareness programme and found my role as an oral health therapist very rewarding working at a non-for-profit dental organisation. Most of these patients came from disadvantaged backgrounds, which meant that I had to employ a holistic patient approach to dental care. I also worked in a specialist dental clinic managing both periodontal and orthodontic patients. During this time I gained valuable experience achieving rewarding results through patient education and teamwork. I became passionate about teaching patients techniques to help them look after their own oral health at home and developing good life-long habits. I look forward to working at White House Dental where I can utilise these skills I have gained and continue to treat patients with the highest standard of care.

One of my other great passions is history and during my free time I enjoy castle hunting and finding amazing hidden places around England. This passion extends to exploring new countries, usually accompanied by my trusty travel books.

zahraZahra Akhtar

Dental Hygienist/Dental Therapist, RDH/RDT

GDC Number: 175080

I started my dental journey in 2009 where I graduated from Kings College London. I gained valuable experience working in community dental clinics and carried out a voluntary vocational training program. My time at Whitehouse Dental started in 2010 where I added to my experience of working in a private dental practice.

Over the years I have attended various courses to better my knowledge of dentistry and have developed a passion for promoting excellent oral healthcare. Most recently I have been fascinated by the links between dental disease and general health and wish to continue further my knowledge in this field. In future I wish to make a difference to oral health on a community level and am keen to further my knowledge in dental public health to fulfill this. I have also developed an interest in teaching and wish to enhance this further still.

Although I have now settled in Leeds I admire the level of care at Whitehouse and travel back to do what I can to help deliver our mission of optimum oral health.

In my spare time I love to travel cross country and across the globe and enjoying cooking and baking.

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