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Whitehouse Dental Newsletter December 2017

3rd December 2017

From Jason’s Desk

November was a special landmark for me as it marked 30 years since qualifying. On reflecting, it’s a sobering thought to see how much my profession has changed in that time.

Like most professions, dentistry has lost its autonomy in regulating itself and is under huge pressure from aggressive corporates, over-regulation and a massive increase in litigation. As such, I see entering the profession as a lot less of an attractive prospect than it was in 1987.

Having been privileged to run a practice in Richmond for 28 years, I have been so lucky to have such wonderful patients and loyal staff and I think these two factors above everything else have enabled me to enjoy my job when many of my peers have bailed out.

I am lucky to have Emma, my wife now working with me full time and she is always available if there is anything regarding the practice you wish to discuss. Unfortunately, we have just lost Sylwia after 4 years who has relocated to Coventry, but we now have Kathy as our new full-time practice manager. Ildiko is standing in as maternity cover for Valerie who is on a year’s leave after giving birth to a beautiful daughter Jasmin.

We have just passed our CQC inspection (it’s the dental equivalent to an Ofsted) and I am truly indebted to Helena for helping to ensure we were ready for the massive inspection that the CQC is required to do every 3 years.

I would like to wish all of our patients a Happy and Healthy 2018


Where are the Butterflies?

I am often asked, “what happened to the butterflies that used to be on the ceiling?”. All of the surgeries now all have state- of- the- art HD televisions on the ceilings so you can watch Netflix or any Freeview stations when you are having treatment.However, the butterflies are still in the practice on the wall next to my little office. (they have been there for the last 15 years!)


The Butterflies

The Butterflies

Dental Hygiene Update

Here at the White House Dental Clinic, we take dental hygiene very seriously….


Over the years we have tried to develop comprehensive treatment programs to ensure that all of our patients can receive the best possible dental hygiene care. We do not believe in short dental appointments that do not allow sufficient time for a comprehensive inspection of the gums, a thorough cleaning and a detailed review of cleaning techniques; all of which are essential if you are going to improve and optimise your gum health.

Stress, smoking, medications, ineffective cleaning and of course, genetic susceptibility all worsen your gum condition and make you more likely to have problems

There is also now a considerable body of evidence to suggest that unhealthy gums can cause various medical illnesses.

Even if you are not experiencing bone loss around your teeth, the simple fact that your gums bleed when brushing can allow you to become more susceptible to any of these diseases.

Please do not consider visits to our hygienist as a “luxury”, it should be considered an essential like an eye test to maintain your overall health and wellbeing

We want you to “love the gums you’re with”!











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