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January 2017 newsletter

3rd January 2017

From Jason’s Desk

January 2017…. A new year and I’m well overdue for a newsletter!
2016 was an extraordinary year in so many ways; for most people a time of change. Fortunately, as I enter my 27th year as practice principles, some things remain constant…which hopefully is a good thing.

We had some staff changes in 2016, Fitsum returned to Ethiopia with her husband and kids and Zahra got married and moved up to her husband in Leeds. Both amazing girls and gifted hygienists. They are missed, but we are just as lucky to have Imogen and Amelia take over their clinics and both are just as talented. Of course, our fantastic Sarah is still on a Thursday

Sylwia is back after the birth of Gabriella and working with Ela on the front desk and Val and Helena are working with Kostas and myself. I have taken on a new part-time dentist Richie Condon specialising at Kings to do some regular extra sessions. He will be starting mid February and I have great hopes he will become well established like Kostas.

I have spent the last 18 months completing an advanced fixed orthodontic (tooth straightening) course and now feel comfortable treating kids and adults with more complex problems. We have a new year special offer below. I am also now much more involved with cutting edge ( no pun intended) surgeries to recontour and graft gums, to eliminate recession or reshape gums to reduce gummy smiles…. See below!

As always, I am so grateful for your continued support and kind words. It gives us the energy and motivation to constantly learn and improve and give you the best service we can

Warmest wishes for a healthy and happy new year


Tooth straightening and Whitening




Since completing his advanced comprehensive 18-month orthodontic course, Jason now performs a full range of tooth straightening procedures on adults and kids. They start from £900 and can take as little as 3months!!

We can use a whole range of treatments including invisible retainers, clear brackets and even braces that fit behind (instead of in front) of your teeth.

Which one is right for you?

This depends on a lot of factors, which is why we need to see you!

Special Offer January and February 2017
Full orthodontic consultation with Jason (including models and x-ray. Normally £150) NOW ONLY £30!!

Do you have a gummy smile?

We can transform it without touching the teeth!


Wow… using the latest American recontouring techniques from the USA, we can now transform your gummy smile. It uses a small painless procedure which produces beautiful long lasting results, without touching your teeth.
The results are remarkable!

Please contact us for a free 15 min chat if you are interested at [email protected]

Have your gums receded?



We can transform them using a new technique

We are using a remarkable new gum graft that allows us ( in most, but not all cases !) to “pull down” the gums to cover unsightly recession.

Please contact us for a free 15 min chat if you are interested at [email protected]

Our AMAZING Hygienists!

We are so lucky to have three gentle, caring and talented Hygienists at the Whitehouse. Let them introduce themselves

Miss Imogen Wood
GDC Number: 211809


Having graduated from University of Manchester in 2011, where I studied my degree in Oral Health Science, I moved to Oxford where I was offered a place on the Foundation Therapist Scheme. I continued to work in Oxford as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist for a further 3 years in general dental practices.

Along side my work in general practice I took a job at the Oxford University Hospitals John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospital where I still practice as one of only 2 Macmillan Dental Therapists in the country. My position at the hospital is to provide oral health care, prevention and restorative care for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer of the head and neck. My time with the cancer team has taught me a huge amount and I continue to learn every day I work in the department.
I have recently begun speaking at some regional conferences about dental care for patients undergoing radiotherapy which is a great privilege and a new challenge.

I am really enjoying everything London has to offer since my relocation and feel I have fallen on my feet with my job here at WHD. It is fantastic to work in a practice which is so prevention focused and that offers such high standard of care across the board.

In my spare time, I love to travel. I am a keen sailor, weather permitting, and I try to go home to Cornwall for some sea air and to visit my family whenever possible.

Ms Amalia Khodr
Dental Therapist
GDC Number: 243510


I graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from University of Melbourne, Australia in 2008, and spent my early years as a professional working in various roles. After working in a diverse community dental settings with underprivileged children, I decided to return to academia in 2012 beginning a Master of Public Health, in hopes of broadening my understanding of health. Loving a challenge, the following year I moved to London to pursue a life’s dream.

As I was often back and forth from London to Melbourne with study, I took roles within the Ministry of Defence as a long-term locum hygienist. This was an exciting position as I had the opportunity to work with driven, disciplined individuals, in various and remote locations across England.

I have worked in community settings with children as a therapist where I was able to manage their oral health and provide restorative treatment. This was advantageous in learning how to provide dental treatment with utmost care, patience and a light hand.

I have been fortunate to work alongside esteemed dentists and dental specialists in my career, and have learned how to provide professional, evidence-based, patient-focused treatment, which I am thankful is aligned with the ethos here, at the Whitehouse Dental Clinic. Our research experiments show that Accutane has an effect not only on fats in the bloodstream. 40 percent of those who took the drug found other abnormalities in the blood composition, meaning that the body is not all right, but it does not indicate a specific problem; 13 percent noticed increased platelets, which can lead to changes in blood clotting; 10 to 20 percent found a decrease in the level of red blood cells and white blood cells, the presence of red blood cells in the urine, abnormal levels of enzymes in the serum.

Predictably, as a Melbournian/Australian in London, I spend my free time searching for new restaurants and locations to experience. I am also hoping to spend time studying Portuguese, and gardening as life settles down with my masters out of the way!

Ms Sarah King
Dip Dent Hygiene, RDH
GDC Number: 6210


I graduated from Bristol Dental Hospital in 2003 and awarded the highest level of clinical ability during my training. After qualifying, I have worked in the United Kingdom and New Zealand in a variety of private dental practices, which have included working with on-site specialists.
One of the most rewarding parts of my role is delivering oral hygiene advice to help patients achieve optimal oral health along with providing treatment for periodontal disease.

I am passionate about maintaining high standards of patient and clinical care and have a strong interest in the systemic effects of periodontal disease. I am enjoying being part of the team at The White House Dental Clinic, where there is a strong emphasis on prevention. I look forward to continued fulfilment.

In my spare time, I love to travel, go to the cinema and practice Pilates.

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