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Who wants straight teeth? – A one off Offer! from Jason

20th November 2015

Cases I hope to treat. Courtesy of Billy-Bob Teeth Inc

Courtesy of Billy-Bob Teeth Inc

Having used all of the commercial quick orthodontic systems ranging from Invisalign to Six month smiles, I felt I needed more formal orthodontic training.

Having missed the boat to do a 3 year full time post graduate orthodontic course (I am too old, I have done an MSc already and who is going to look after your teeth if I’m not around!!) I have been been struggling to find a suitable course. Then, one pops up!
Its a 20 day (plus a huge amount of homework) year and a half course, run for 12 people, given by Prof Ross Hobson (one of the UKs finest orthodontists).

This course is generic (ie doesn’t push any one branded system) but will allow me to treat advanced cases in both kids and adults.

I have a number of cases on the go, but I am looking for some more cases to treat. The treatment will be done to the highest level (Ross does not accept any compromises) but will be done by me, in Kew at a fraction of the normal cost.

If you are interested, call me on 07866262747 or email me at [email protected]

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