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Dr Jason Burns is one of the UK pioneers using PRGF technology in Richmond

31st August 2015

This week from the Whitehouse I would like to tell you all about ……. P.R.G.F (Platelet Rich Growth Factor)

Two years ago year Jason and I visited Dr Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa’s B.T.I ( bio technology institute ) in Spain, where we learned all about this procedure and it’s remarkable capabilities !

We were one of the first UK users of tis remarkable techinique and we now have completed over 200 procedures using it. Its amazing for anyone having any type of oral surgery from implants to extractions. The healing is AMAZING and patients say they have absolutely minimal discomfort after surgical procedures, even without nurofen!
We are returning to the institute to attend another course later this year, in the meantime we would like to tell you all about P.R.G.F and the benefits it can provide for you……..


In our blood we have plasma and millions of platlets which have the ability of regenerating our tissue. Growth factors are proteins found inside the platlets and plasma, these are responsible for regenerating and repairing our tissue.

A small amount of your blood is taken and centrifugued, after which it can be processed to obtain the proteins essential for regeneration.



Unfortunately sometimes there is no other option but to have a tooth extracted. After extraction it can be painful,sore and prone to infection due to the open socket. Healing can therefore be a lengthy process resulting in a longer wait to replace your gappy smile.

Now by using this beneficial P.R.G.F method, straight after the extraction process we can seal the socket with your PRGF which provides the area with all the proteins it needs to recover.
The benefits of using this method include … Less swelling due to haemostatic agents, tissue repair and regeneration, accelerated healing and reduced after pain due to the natural proteins.
P.R.G.F liquid form is also used when implants are placed to aid with their integration.

There are many more benefits to P.R.G.F not just in the field of dentistry for more information you can visit their website ……….BTI

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From Val   (Jason’s nurse)

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