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PRGF – Available from our Richmond Clinic

15th November 2013


Having been involved in the placement and restoration of implants since 1992 and having a “classical” MSc in implant dentistry from Guys Hospital, leaves me skeptical about most new things in implant dentistry

However, I was first put on to PRGF in Spain by a respected colleague in London’s West End and the fact that people like Michael Pikos are using their products. I did some investigation and was taken to Bilbao to see the PRGF technique which has been created  by Eduado Anitua.

Fours years in, we are one of the most experienced clinics in the UK using this technique for oral surgery, having done several hundred procedures. We use it for all implant and oral surgery procedures dramatically cutting down post-operative pain and swelling

So what is  PRGF?…..

PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors)

is based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration. This means when carrying out ANY surgical procedure, we can have QUICKER HEALING, LESS SWELLING AND MINIMAL DISCOMFORT

It is a 100% autologous platelet product that is produced by a simple protocol from a patient’s own blood. For the patient, we just take a small amount of blood and we have special machines to create the PRGF.

The technique enables the manufacture of:


“A” PRGF clot which can be used to help regenerate bone in extraction sockets or combined with bone graft material to increase bone volume.

“B & C” Liquid PGRF that when coated on an implant creates a bioactive surface which speeds up osseointegration.

“D” Autologous Fibrin Membrane that is a dense, elastic and totally biocompatible membrane to cover the PRGF clot or act as an insulating membrane. This prevents “dry socket”, significantly speeds up healing and massively reduces pain and inflammation during healing.

So Why Use PRGF?

·  100% bio-compatible, versatile and safe, because it is made freshly from your OWN blood

·  It is the market’s first 100% autologous technology.

·  Its healing and regeneration properties have been well scientifically documented.

· None of the treatments carried out over the years have any undesired effects

I have now been using PRGF in my clinic for 3 years n many hundreds of cases. The things I have observed using it are:-

  1. The speed of healing, both in implant procedures and extraction sockets are remarkable. Pink tissues in one week of healing
  2. No dry sockets.
  3. Great bone fill of defects.

I have not instigated my own scientific studies and my evidence is anecdotal. However, having placed many hundreds of implants, I can see the difference that PRGF makes. We use this technique on over 95% of our surgical procedures with most patients reporting  minimum or zero pain after 48 hours!

Expanded PRGF Uses.

PRGF has caught the imagination of a number of clinicians in the medical world. It is now being used successfully to treat:-

1.Tendon Injuries- it is currently used routinely at Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur football clubs to treat their players

2.Treatment of Chronic Ulcers in limbs, where it can successfully heal ulcers that are unresponsive to other treatment

3.Facial regeneration- used instead of Hyaluronic Based Fillers eg Restylane substitute

4. Corneal Wounds- These are being successfully treated

5. Hair regeneration- Studies are being carried out

6. TMJ treatments- Studies are being carried out looking at treating joint disease.

 It is being used extensively in Spain, Italy and Germany by Dentists and Medical Clinicians with many hundreds thousands of PRGF procedures carried out. Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal and the Chelsea FC have all benefited from using PRGF.

We are EXCLUSIVELY offering this technology for extractions, implants and all surgical procedures at our Richmond Clinic

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